Dash Out the Door Party Materials-First Class and Further!

These simple documents will prepare you for your FIRST PARTY through your 1000’s Party!  LEARN AND GO!  Learn the basics first so you can have fun making it your “OWN” later on!

PREPARE!  Supplies and how to for your basic Dash out the door party

MY FIRST PARTY – Girls Behaving Pinkly Party
Girls Behaving Pinkly Party supplies & outline (8 or more guests)
Girls Behaving Pinkly Party Invite (or my first party) INVITE

PRE –PROFILING each GUEST before the party:  2-3 days before:

PRE-PROFILING SCRIPT:  “Hi Mary, this is Tina and I am a friend of (your hostess name) – I understand I get to pamper you at her party on (DATE of party), do you have a quick min?”

  1. I just wanted to ask you a little bit about your skin because I am going to have products designed specifically for you:    DRY, NORMAL, OILY or COMBO?  (Tell her the miracle set will give her some balance to her skin)
  2. If you could change anything about your skin what would it be?  (I will look that up and have a product that will address that when I meet with you ok?  Great!
  3. Tell her about your ON TIME DRAWING and the Satin Hands so her wants to get there RIGHT at (time of party)
  4. Tell her you have a special GOODIE BAG for her!
  5. Tell her this is by RESERVATION ONLY “Now _______I don’t know if (hostess) told you that this is by reservation only but you are obviously one of her very special friends.  (Hostess) will be getting free product based on her guest attendance as well, so if you need to cxl for an emergency you will need to let (hostess) know so she can make her goal of having her 6 women at her special party!
  6. I so look forward to partying with you, I am SO excited to have you try the (whatever product you are SUPER excited about!)

Add this to your flipchart and use your beauty book to go along with the skicnare part (face race)

AURI Class Intro-Power Class NEW


**Go through the 3-1 cleanser and do the RACE (read Auri’s class into and power class).    ADD in the MOISTURE RENEW MASK right after the cleanser and do the STAR SEARCH (SEE Below-Sharing the business)-then go right to the day solution and moisturizer while you race!  Take them throught the beauty book for this part (but read the info on your flip chart)-


Share the information on this STAR SEARCH SHEET!  Let them know Mary Kay is on a Star Search and you are looking for good people to be consultants!  You would love for them to be “Talent Scouts” for you and award them with a $50 shopping spree if they find anyone and refer them to you!  So who loves FREE?  Great!  So now I need to educate you on who I am looking for!  DO THE WHAT WOMEN WANT SURVEY to enter them into the Queen for A DAY CONTEST (see Queen for a Day under contests to download WWW Surveys!)

Just have them fill them out at the party and then give them to your DIRECTOR TO FOLLOW UP!  It is that simple!

Star Search

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